What E-Commerce Businesses Need to Know About AI-Chatbots

The eCommerce market has become crucial and is expanding fast. With the rising customer demand, it has become essential to keep up the continuous flow of services around the clock. Finding the growing needs of buyers is one of the most critical trends in the online commerce market.

Businesses implement every process, strategy, advanced technology, and intuitive design to improve customer experience. Integrating artificial intelligence is also a part of it. 

AI chatbots for eCommerce are almost everywhere, from the recommendation system to the predictive behavior to the after-sales service. E-commerce businesses utilize various types of AI chatbots to understand customer behavior, offer them a seamless user experience, and engage with customers better.

Let’s see how AI chatbots are helping eCommerce businesses:

Collects Customer Data:

Chatbots are the best medium to motivate your customers to share their data such as preferences, and contact details including email addresses, and phone numbers, to provide a superior customer experience. 

This way the chatbots can also provide you with marketing services. By gathering the customer’s information, you can contact them through mail and messages, and offer them fantastic offers, discounts, and so on.

Personalization across channels and gadgets:

Personalization is nothing new for eCommerce, yet AI-based personalization has taken the multi-channel, multi-gadget approach. Be it a mobile application, site, email campaign, social media channels, or conversational AI chatbot solutions monitor all channels and gadgets to create a universal view enabling eCommerce businesses to deliver a seamless customer experience.

In-Store Experience:

Upgrade and complement trendy shopping habits on mobile, social media, and websites with NLP-powered virtual shopping assistants, planning augmented and virtual reality experiences for hyper-realistic experiences for your customers.

Omnichannel Integration:

You can integrate our conversational AI solution into existing frameworks and support or sales channels, including your site, application, social media, or other eCommerce platforms, giving your business a powerful presence on all platforms.

About Lectus Technologies:

Lectus Technologies is the forerunner in designing the best AI-powered digital experiences, be it voice bots or chatbots, switching the world from rule-based, monotonous chatbots to interactive & intuitive ‘Human-in-the-room Experiences with advanced Conversational AI’ Find Article, customized solutions for enterprises to create seamless business operations & happy customer experiences.

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